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New Blogger - Cassandra

So hi, my name's Cassandra(ChicCooldana101 on stardoll) and i'm a new blogger/writer here on ILWS. I was assigned this position quite some time ago, however, this is my first post due to what seemed like a never ending amount of assignments, homework and exams i had to do in the previous weeks/term. So i've decided to just make a post to introduce myself and tell you a bit about what i plan to do/post here. 
Okay so, my name's Cassandra, and i've been a member on Stardoll since December, 2010. I play the piano, i sing, and overall i just love music. Some of my favourite bands and artists include Lana Del Rey, Halsey, Lady Gaga, Marina and the diamonds, and many more. I am currently 16 and live in Australia. I really enjoy making medolls based off real life people(mainly singers and models), so i plan on creating some step by step tutorials, and also, hopefully a few store reviews. If you want, give me a visit on stardoll, and i really hope you enjoy my future posts. Until my next post, goodbye! x 


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