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Outfit of the day: 08/18/2015 - Crazynats5

    And here we have another fabulous B&W outfit! :D Introducing Crazynats5!! She is a really nice friend of mine and she usually styles her clothes in a way I just can't *cries silently*
   Today I visited her and I thought: "I GOTTA feature this!" Hope you guys agree with me ;)
Click pic to visit her

   What's on her:

- LE Valli Veranda glasses
- YH Kim Draped moto
- Nelly Mindy crop top|=> meant to be together
- LE Flannel belt         | 
- LE Oxidized high waist pants 
- Callie's Picks Ashley bag
- Evil panda Safety pin
- Wild candy studded bracelet
- Callie's picks black leather platforms
- Fallen angel heavyweight black platforms

   Oh, and by the way, isn't grey hair trending right now?

   Also, she has some really nice wig designs too:


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