Thứ Sáu, 14 tháng 8, 2015

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New LE - Americana

    Surprise! Another LE! Just in one week. o.o Oh come on Stardoll we know how much you love money but really, take it easy!
    This collection comes with 3 floors all American themed. The prices range from 35 to 185 sd.

    This collection does not appeal to me at all. And I think it doesn't appeal to the others, either, which is proved by how slow the items are selling out. It seems like the cheapest items are the ones getting sold out first, but none of them will be rare to be honest, as the items are not so limited (around 800-1200 each)

     MY PICKS:

- Plush Merino Cardigan
- Marine Striped skirt
- Je Suis Coco blouse
  The platforms are fine but the laces just fail. They tried too hard to fit the theme. It ruins the items. -_-


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