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New collection of Fallen Angel - review

    Today Stardoll has released a new collection of Fallen Angel. To me this is a pretty collection, nothing special though. Still the usual items of FA - dark colors, transparent pieces. Also, this time we even have... some insects involved? So far, we've got spiders, moths, butterflies and snakes (although it's not an insect xD)
There's only one starcoin item (but I kinda like it) and a superstar item. The prices are a little unaffordable to me, also I'm not really a fan of FA but there are some pieces I'd like to recommend and I'll probably consider buying later.

    My picks?

  1. Structured bustier - 14sd
  2. Leather Strap shorts - 16sd
  3. Barbed wire necklace - 65sc
  4. And MAYBE Sky high snake heels - 12sd


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