Thứ Ba, 4 tháng 8, 2015

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Chanel inspired nail polish?

    So we have a new collection of Polished in the Starplaza, and it's inspired by Chanel (!?)
the store view
    The store comes with 10 nail polishes, most are simple, yet glamour patterns. I personally think that this collection is surprisingly good compared to the other Polisheds. Prices range from 12 to 15sd.
    I appreciate Stardoll's effort, but sorry Stardoll. I mean, who even wears nail polish these days? And who cares about others' nails these days? :/ Not many, obviously. But who know, maybe out there somewhere there's a girl slaying these :3 if you are that one, don't forget to show us in the comment section! :D


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