Thứ Ba, 1 tháng 9, 2015

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Blog is back!!! With a NEW GIFT!

    Hello everyone! :D guess what? WE ARE BACKKKK!!!!

    Okay, soooo.... ILWS is now back to posting again :) *claps claps* I'm so excited about this, hope we can keep you guys updating.
    This time I bring you a new writer for the blog... ChicCooldana101! She's another amazing friend of mine, and her doll & style are simply amazing! Click HERE to visit her suite and don't forget to leave a 5 stars!

    Now comes the part you're waiting for... the comeback gift!

Of course, it's another png. flie clothing that you can edit as you like on your dolls. What do you think? I spent quite much time on this... 
If you're not sure how to get it, I'll tell you how: 
  • 1. Click on the orange rose at the end of the blog to subscribe
  • 2. Enter your email address in the form below so we can send the gifts to you

     NOTE:  By subscribing you will receive ALL of ILWS gifts so far and in the future!!! :O

See ya again.


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