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New contest on Stardoll!

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    Today when I was reading the Starblog ( yes I do read the Starblog xD) I came across this. So Stardoll is giving the hair artists the chance to have an amazing opportunity.

     This is such a good news.The best part is that Stardoll also mentioned that they're including some of the the graphic items created by the Sd community in the next Museum Miles! :D Finally they heard our desires. I can't wait to see how spectacular the winning masterpiece will be, and also the home-made graphic items on Starplaza! >.<

    I know the comp's just gotten started but I've already seen some incredible work of art around here. :3 The most impressive one to me is by Kikinka4.12 - Look how sophisticated this is! :o it took her a lot of patience, time and money to  make for sure, but the result pays off! This is just simple breath-taking.
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