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Today's Outfit: barbarakluf (25/1/2015)

Long time no post! I am back with an another Today's Outfit post.

Today's featured outfit is from this dollie: barbarakluf
Click here to visit her suite

I thought that her doll is absolutely spot on with her layering of clothes and the grunge/glam thing going on so I decided to shart it with you all for a little inspiration. Here are the outfit's details:

  Gangster Glam Hat, Bonjour Bizou
  Circle Glasses, Killah
  Oriental Pop Top, Evil Panda
  Denim Shirt, Special Offer
  Patched Sleeve Sweater, Fallen Angel
  Perfect Boxy Blazer, Limited Edition
  Soft Black Clutch, It Girls
  Leggings, Rio
  Grey Booties, It Girls

Tell me your opinions down below!


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