Thứ Hai, 5 tháng 1, 2015

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Bad news

    Hi everyone, Dont_read_it here. There has been something bad recently: Our sweetheart Lovelifegirl's been deleted by Stardoll for no reason at all. Seems like some trolls reported her wrong and Stardoll was careless enough not to check the information and terminated her account. Now we're trying so hard to get her account back but the hope is getting weaker and weaker. Stardoll sent me an automated message for response, and that's it. At first I believed we would get it back somehow but now I'm not so sure anymore, and I'm so sorry for her because that acc was her hard work.
    Now that she's decided not to spend as much time on Stardoll and more on her real life, I somewhat feel relieved. But no, we'll still meet her again ;) Her Youtube channel has over 1,200 followers and she will continue to make us wonderful vids using her ONLY other doll: Lovelifeboy
  One of her makeup tutorials:


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