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Tress Up holiday - Stardoll's cheating? :O

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    New Tress up is here! I expected much from this collection as the last year's Tress Up holiday was amazing, but this one, if you asked me, it'd be a no. :(
In my opinion, the hairstyles are fine, but some are ridiculously big and don't fit our faces. Also, anyone else notices that Tress Up is getting more pricey nowadays? :s Stardoll's greediness only grows, I guess.
I only like one or two, but with those prices? I dont think so D:

Anyway, what about you? :) And MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!

Thanks to Kebabviv, now I know that Stardoll has "stolen" the ideas of these wigs from existed designs!!! Currently we have Dissolvedgirl and MUNCHKIN_XD's wigs found copied. Who knows what else? And we all know this new membership term on Stardoll: "You own the rights to the material which you have created yourself on Stardoll's services." What about you, Stardoll? This is somewhat a crime D: They did hard work on their wigs and now you copy them without giving them credits? Shame on you!!!


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