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Today's Outfit: jjgangstevenjj (4/12/2014)

Hello! Here is the first post in a new segment for the blog: Today's Outfit

Doll: jjgangstevenjj
Click here to visit her suite

I recently spotted this beauty on Stardoll and was immediately taken with her outfit. Here are the outfit's details:

  Round Pilot Sunnies, Bonjour Bizou
  Leena Tshirt, Miss Sixty
  Skirt Inspired by Alexander Wang, Rio
  Editorial Shorts, Decades
  Black Foldover DvF Purse, DvF Holiday Tribute
  Crete Gladiators, Limited Edition

What do you guys think? Tell me down below.

P.S: This is a new segment I'm creating where I will post outfits of dolls that I consider as beautiful. Check back regularly for more!


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