Thứ Ba, 30 tháng 12, 2014

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Starplaza sale!!!!

    Oh yes baby it's a sale!!! xD I'm talking about a decent one. Most stores are 25% or 50% off, including fashion, beauty and interior stores.
YES! YAYYYYY HOOOOOOO! (okay I got over excited LOL)
Gosh I'm just loving the pink stars with numbers on them xD

It's a pity that they (once again) didn't put sales for Tress Up and (of course) tributes, but hey, they give us 50% on Killah!!! Guess it's just time to shop till you drop.
Oh and by the way, I heard them say sales is a sign of Young Hollywood or LE etc. D: I gotta hold myself back a little this time I guess haha...

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