Thứ Bảy, 13 tháng 12, 2014

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New Museam Miles inspired by Alexander McQueen


     As promised, today Stardoll gave us a brand new collection of Museum Miles inspired by Alexander McQueen. And as promised, the first day the collection will be for Royalty only. *cries at the corner of the room*

        Like the last collection, this one is limited (even more limited than LE!!! D:) but the prices are so decent. Some pieces are really pretty, the rest not so much. But anyway, I'm very sad as the Royalty members got the pre-shopping exclusive thing for this collection, which means us Superstars and non-ss will be left with barely nothing good remaining (if there is even anything left for us tomorrow T-T). I just top up yesterday for Museum Miles, but now I can't even get a thing I like! 
    Anyway, if you're Royalty and you managed to get what you liked, then congrats! :)


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