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Callie's Picks no.31: Jingle Bell Rock

    The usual nightmare Callie's Picks is here like it shouldn't be, guys! :) It's the 31 issue and of course, Christmas themed again except the fact that some items don't look  Christmas-y at all. :P

    Aww... that is bad. I expected something more than that. But wait... may be I didn't. I've lost my expectation in Callie's taste of fashion since... hmm I don't remember when. Just a very longggggg time ago.
    Oh and by the way, if you were going to buy any of these items below from CP (but I don't think so xD), I suggest you find in the catalogue, Film Theory has them 10 times cheaper. You can't get us this time Stardoll, ain't nobody falls for that old trick!
    I wonder when Stardoll's gonna fire Callie because of her failure store (hey who wrote that? Not meeee ;D). Anyway, what do you think?


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