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Be a writer for ILWS!


    Are you interested in being a writer for ILWS?

    I hope you are! :D Here are all of the information:


1. You must be good at English (able to write and communicate by English)
2. You should be at least at the level of 25 on Stardoll.
3. You are not a writer for another Stardoll blog.
4. You must have a Gmail account to post.
5. And of course, you must LOVE STARDOLL! :D


    As a writer of ILWS, you will:
1. Be named on the blog and the blog's club as a writer of ILWS.
2. Be able to share your thoughts and discoveries to everyone on your posts (isn't that cool? :D)
3. Have the tag of "ILWS VIP" after your Disqus name on the blog - which means you'll have all the powers of a Moderator (delete comments, edit comments, feature comments, etc.)
4. Receive a welcome gift (wishlist items or design gifts)

    Sounds good to you? Don't be hesitate to fill the form below!