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We are BACK!!!

    Hi all of ILWS readers! It's me, dont_read_it. :D

    If you don't know, the original version of was actually, but I decided to moved it to Blogspot because it's easier to post. :3 At the moment ILWS blogspot is now still under construction so it's not completed, but it won't take long! :D I hope to have your support. Thank you.

   ILWS Family
    In order to manage all of the readers, we created a list called "ILWS family", which consists all of the readers' Stardoll usernames.
    If you can't find your name on the list, just comment your username below, you will be added. :3


- Dont_read_it (aslo Blog creator) - Disqus name: Paper hearts
- Kebabviv - Disqus name: Kebabviv
 Wanna be a writer? Click HERE.


- Purpleroses777 - Disqus name: Purpleroses777
- SportyCraigster - Disqus name: SportyCraigster
- CharlotteDeVon - Disqus name: CharlotteDeVon
- BrilliantAlex99 - Disqus name: unknown
- Lovelifegirl - Disqus name: Lovelifegirl
- Skykam - Disqus name: Skykam
- Cat_erina - Disqus name: Timelord.
- Miglele19.19 - Disqus name: Miglele19.19
- Chilli_dawg - Disqus name: Chilli_dawg
- Hanlengoc20013 - Disqus name: Hanlengoc20013
- .BoterBloempje. - Disqus name: .BoterBloempje.
- Pinkpixie128 - Disqus name: ♡ Emma ♡
- Busyizzybelle - Disqus name: unknown
- Glikoulitinia - Disqus name: unknown
- Abby.alessio - Disqus name: unknown
- ANNELE413 - Disqus name: unknown
- Bornthiswaay - Disqus name: unknown
- Catarina2113 - Disqus name: unknown
- Glikoulitina - Disqus name: unknown
- Lalselvi - Disqus name: unknown
- Cutelittlehippo - Disqus name: Cutelittlehippo


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